Steps 8 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Telephone Interview

Once you have a job interview vie phone interview, you need to be conscious about what to say and what not to say in job interview. You need to be really attentive in giving interview other wise you might going to lose chance with job. In this video, it will going to tell you how to avoid mistake and increase your chance in getting job vie phone. Desi people from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh find it difficult to give interview to interviewer in USA, UK , and Canada. Steps 8 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Telephone Interview

how to give interview on phone

In such modern time and so much advancement in technology, things are being done with tip of the fingers. Phone is used in modern technology to communication and people are using for interview as well. With these modern technology people are using to do interview in vast majority . People around the world interview through phone. With this video, you will know how to be successful in interview. Peoples from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh give interview in USA, UK and Canada.

how to give interview on skype

With advancement of technology and new technology coming up these days. Globalization is at its peek and there will be time, when large number of interview will be done on internet or with use of video chatting such as skype. Since it is expensive to buy ticket and travel, large number of desi people from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh  give interview on skype and get job interviewer in USA, Canada and UK. This video give some of the do and don'ts about giving interview on skype. 

How to Fill Out a Job Application

Once you manage to find vacancy and get application, thing which is so important is how to fill the foam and what to fill in the foam , and what are the things which we dont need to fill out.Once immigrant such as from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan land to California, new York , Texas , USA, and UK ; they immediately look for job.

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