The UC Irvine Experience

UCI also known as University of California Irvine, California, US, university is well known for all the field and is rank among top 100 university around the globe. In this video, people from different field express their feeling and prospective how they feel about their university, and what are the good things they have experienced over the period of time and things you might find different in UC Irvine

How to Fill Out a Job Application

Once you manage to find vacancy and get application, thing which is so important is how to fill the foam and what to fill in the foam , and what are the things which we dont need to fill out.Once immigrant such as from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan land to California, new York , Texas , USA, and UK ; they immediately look for job.

How to Ask for a Job Application

Getting a job is a really difficult, in this era one do many thing to get job. to get job, one need to be confident in asking for job application because it show how much determine you are to get a job. Once immigrant such as from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan land to California, new York , Texas , USA, and UK ; they immediately look for job.

How to file for unemployment in California?

With increasing number of recession and unemployment and decreasing of job, applying of unemployment is every one right and one should apply for it and get benefit from it. Its everyone right to gain the benefit from it. It is very easy to apply for unemployment benefits in California, Pakistan.

How to grow Peppers?

How to grow Peppers?

Peppers can be easily seen in the Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi house in California. Peppers can be easily grown in house or garden. With few steps you can grow full grown chillie plants.

How to grow chillies peppers?

How to grow Chillies ?

Growing chillies is an easy task, and it requires easy steps to grow them. Put seed on the soil, and wait for few days and it will start going and then transfers into ground. We can see the chillie plant in the house of Pakistani, Indian and Bangladesh house in California.


FAFSA to Get Federal Student Loans

How To Apply For Federal Student Loan with FAFSA.

Financial Aid : How to Get a Stafford Loan

Stafford loan

As Fafsa provide grant and scholarship, it also give loan to student who are in need of financial assistance. According to student status and credibility, they are provided loan accordingly. Stafford loan are given to US students as well as California student. With increasing price of college,  increase of book prices and other commodities, it is very difficult to pay off every thing with single job or from parents support.

What is a Pell Grant?

what is Pell grant?

It is one of the grant, which is part of FAFSA. This is federal grant, which is provided to student and this grants are not repaid able. In 2011-2012 maximum amount given was $5500 per year.California student can also apply for it. With Pell grant you will going to get amount of money as you need and you can easily spend these money in education purpose such as books and academic accessories and etc.

All about Cal Grant

What is Cal Grant?

Once you apply for FAFSA, they will going to assess you how much financial needs you have and how much money you need to survive in order to accomplish your education goal. Cal grant are given to Californian student settle in California. Those student who are in need of great help and financial support will going to get great deal of dollar and financial assistant from applying it.

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