How to Make Candy Sushi?

How to make candy sushi? Add candy sushi as your sweets in your party.
Things you need to make candy Sushi

  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 10 oz. marshmallows
  • 6 c. crispy rice cereal
  • Gummy worms and fish
  • Licorice sticks
  • fruit leather



Indian Maharani Restaurant in Japan

Indian restaurant in Japan named Maharani. In this video showing the outside location and inside view. There is no commentary so it is difficult to say the exact location of this Indian restaurant. In restaurant staff are working, Tv on but at the time of video shooting there were no customer. The restaurant is beautiful but in video they show multiple time the wine bottles. They have great variety of traditional food and large number of desi people visit the restaurant. Indian Maharani Restaurant in Japan


Bangladeshi In Japan Street Dance

A large number of Bangladeshi people including men, women and children are dancing and singing on the street in Japan.
The are enjoying and holding Japanese and Bangladeshi flags in their hand. They are singing Japanese and Bengali songs. Its really good to see two culture blend together and create something new and love to enjoy really new experience. These two culture has great potential and availability to create some thing new and bring entirely new for community.


How To Get Job In Japan

In this video the presenter give some tips to get job in Japan. He wrote an eBook on this topic too. According to him If you want to get job in Japan then you should follow these six steps.
1. Motivation: you have motivation to get job in Japan. Be serious with certain goals and get involve to achieve those goals.
2. Come to Japan: If will apply for job from Japan then it is easy to get job. You can go to japan in tourist visa.

How To Get Visa For Japan

In this video you will find the information about different types of visa for Japan as well as how to get these visa? According to this video Japan give different type of visa like student visa, work holiday visa, family visa, spouse visa, work visa and the tourist visa.

Pakistani Embassy Tokyo Japan New Building

Pakistan embassy Tokyo Japan shifted in new building. This is a beautiful building and nominated for Japan award. After shifting in this building Pakistan saves about 100 million rupee yearly. By shifting in this building, office and staff residence come close together. Car parking and security system are latest. Tokyo is a capital of japan and it is high population and crowded area, high building and great skyscraper is a beauty of this city- Japan. (Source: Youtube.com)

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