How To Get Visa For Japan

In this video you will find the information about different types of visa for Japan as well as how to get these visa? According to this video Japan give different type of visa like student visa, work holiday visa, family visa, spouse visa, work visa and the tourist visa.

If you want student visa then you must take admission in Japan school before apply the student visa. By student visa you can not work full time as well as you can not work in all field. Work holiday visa is also given for short period. If you have married in Japan then you can get spouse visa and can work in Japan. But you must proof of your marry; if you can't proof then your spouse visa will be canceled. If you want work visa then you must have specific degree in specific field like doctor, dentist, scientist, teacher, entertainer etc. If you have not any option to get any type of visa described above then you can apply for tourist visa and you can get three to six month Japan tourist visa.