Chaman Baluchistan Pakistan

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Chaman, Balochistan, is an important city of Pakistan. This city is situated between Afghanistan and Pakistan in the north-western border. Chaman Pakistan connects Afghanistan province Kandhar with Spin Boldak neighboring with Pakistan. Population of Chaman is 100,000 in which thousand of Hindus included. 

How to Become Billionaire Dollars

How to become Rich, and Billionaire dollar in few years.


How to get credit card

How to get credit card through different method

Signing up for the credit card can be difficult decision. Confused to make decision; which bank to sign up or which one not too. Interest rate, late fees and due dates make it difficult to decide credit card. Sometime you might also think if you can afford to buy credit card and will be able pay owed money back. Bank long contract and rule policy; make it difficult to sign up for credit card.

There are some advantages for signing up credit card, which might convenience you to sign up for credit card.


How to Donate Book?

Donating your books

These days with sky rocking economy and bad financial situation have effected very single thing; buying new or even old one cost a lot. Sharing old books to those who are in need cause sharing is caring. Donating old books doesn’t mean just giving book to people in local , but giving  to those people in need around the world.  

These are some of the ways to donate books; which will be reachable to anyone in local and also around the world.


How to Find the Cheapest Gas Prices in Your Area

How to Find the Cheapest Gas Prices in Your Area

Looking for cheap gas station, there are cheap gas station you just need to find them as fill your gas tank full and save some dollar on gas. With cheap gas you can save huge amount of money on traveling cost.

Things you will need

  • Internet access
  • Discount retailer
  • Rebate cards

Step 1

Use internet to access website or download app on your smart phone, which allow you to look for cheap gas station and gas price in your area.

Step 2

How to Improve Your Gas Mileage

how to improve you gas mileage?
Well in this difficult economical recession, everyone looking for strategies and ways to reduce cost of living and save money for future. Improving you gas mileage on car, automobile and other vehicle are good ways to reduce cost. Carpooling with friend or taking public transportation are one of the solution to reduce travel cost, but not always the best one.

There are ways you can save environment, gas and money on car.

Things you will need to improve your gas mileage

How to Find College Grants for Single Mothers

To have better job you will need better education and to have better education you will need good schools to graduate, and to graduate from good school you will need funds to pay off college tuition fees. Being a single mother need lot of effort and help in particular, but fortunately there are lots of sources to help support single mother.

Thing you will need to find college grant for single mother.

How to Find the Perfect Roommate?


You need to real wise in selecting your roommate for you college and universities because person will stay with you for very long time and you have to deal with him all the problems.

Things you need to have perfect roommate

How to Pick a Prom Dress?

How to Pick a Prom Dress?

Prom in senior year of high school is an one of the important event in senior year. To look perfect and wear remarkable dress is very important because memory will remain with you forever.

Finding a perfect dress for him might be challenge at first, but once u find your perfect dress then it would be great and you will actually going to enjoy your prom.

Things you will need for your prom dress


How to Pack a Backpack for Over Night Hiking

How to pack a backpack for over night Hiking

key to pack your backpack for hiking is to recognize possible things which would be need in hiking.

things you will need in hiking
Sleeping bag
Cooking gear
survival kit

Step 1
Place your sleeping bag bag first because this would be last item you will need in your trip during day.


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