Nargis Pakistani Film Actress Stage Dancer At Canada

Pakistani Actress Nargis in Toronto Canada - Youtube Video

Nargis is a Pakistani film actress and stage dancer; now she is living in Canada with her husband Zubair Shah, son Ali and daughter Masooma. She is running her own beauty parlor in Canada. She started her career from Pakistani films, latter she limited her only for stage. She perform dance in many stage show. Her dance and Mujra are very popular among audience. Most of the audience came to stage show only for her dance and mujra. (Continued below Urdu detail).

Nargis Pakistani Film Actress Stage Dancer At Canada

Actress Nargis real name is Ghazala. She has born in 1970 in Lahore Pakistan. She is well known in Pakistan as a famous Pakistani film actress and stage dancer. She played a leading role in Idrees Khan film Aalmi Ghunday written by Nasir Adeeb. Latter she also acted in the film Kuri Munda Raazi and Kala Raaj Films.

She surprised people by playing a bald woman role in Umar Shareef Show ‘Chand Babu’. For this show she shaved her hair. According to Wikipedia she had an affair with a Pakistani under world mafia Don, who tortured her and shaved her head. For Pakistani women shaving her head is considered as great insulting.

Pakistani Actress Nargis Punjabi And Urdu Films

She was regularly seen on stage and theater for songs and dance all over Pakistan especially Faisalabad and Gojra. Her younger sister Deedar is also frequently appearing in stage show  too. Her Punjabi films name is Danda Peer, Mei Ne Pyar Kya, Shartia Mithay, Kuri Munda Raazi, Choorian, Dopatta, Long Da Lashkara, Yaar Baadshah, Babu Khan, Suhagan aur Suha Jora. Her Urdu films name is Aao Payar Karain, Mummy, Mafia, Hawa Ki Beti, Daman aur Chingari and Aaj Ki Larki.

According to reports she abandoned completely from film and stage show. She permanently settled in Canada with her husband and children and running a beauty parlor there.

In an interview with media she told that the charge on her about killing is wrong. Further she told that she never did badly for anyone. Five months ago she left stage. She never knew any man named Shahzad. The charge that she has given money for murder is wrong. Nargis took the Quran while denying the allegation. She told that she has good relationship with Juna Butt but has no relation with the case. Murder attack on Saima Khan is also not proved. She further told that at present she is 37 years old and will be 40 after 3 years. She used scarf now a days and will use it always.


Dailymotion video of Pakistani film actress Nargi stage mujra dance