Jinsi maloomat Book In Urdu Pdf Free Download

Jinsi maloomat book in Urdu is written by Prof Arshad Javed who is a Pakistani famous hypnotist and a clinical psychologist. Prof Arshad Javed wrote this book for all people including married and unmarried. But it is recommended that all unmarried boys and girl must read this book. In Pakistan and India unmarried boys and girls have no knowledge about sex and in their culture it is not feeling good to ask any question about sex problem with parents, teachers and elder brother and sister. They take jinsi maloomat from their friends. But friends are generally of same age and they also have no jinsi maloomat. Jinsi maloomat book in Urdu pdf free download link is present at bottom of this page.

Jinsi Maloomat Book In Urdu

In the book you will find jinsi maloomat in three parts. First part is especially for unmarried young boys who are in puberty age, second part is especially for unmarried young girls and the third part is for all unmarried and married person men women girl and boys. But this book is not recommended to the children before puberty.

Jinsi maloomat for boys include about the knowledge of body part especially penis and testis, physical development, misconception about sex problem and their solution. In this book also discussed in detailed about the discharge of semen or mani by different ways like ehtelam, mushtzani and mubashrat. All the topics are also discussed in Urdu in religious point of view especially about mushtzani in Islam. Detail discussion on semen and sperm like quality and quantity, color, consistency are present in the book. Oozing of semen (Jaryaan), drops of urine and seminal fluid from penis, pubic hair, facial and body hair are also discussed. Most of the boys think that they are suffering from the illness of Namardi and Seurat-e-anal; it is also discussed. Other topic include about cigarette smoking and alcohol.

Jinsi maloomat in Urdu for girls include about the knowledge of women body parts like vagina, hymen, clitoris and breast. Detail discussion about different types of vaginal discharge especially on menstrual cycle, and leucorrhea are discussed. Size of breast and breast cancer maloomat can also be found in this book.

Jinsi maloomat for all includes about the type of sex perversion, Islamic point of views, abortion, pregnancy, infertility and birth control. Jinsi maloomat in Urdu book written by professor Arshad Javed name is Rahnuma-e-Noujawani. This is most popular Urdu book for Jinsi maloomat.