Azdawaji Khushiyan For Men Prof Arshad Javed PDF free download

Azdawaji Khushiyan for men is written by Prof Arshad Javed. This book is in Urdu pdf format and can be free download from this web page. Prof Arshad Javed is a famous Pakistani hypnotist and clinical psychologist. For good and happy marital life he wrote three books. One book is written for all men, women, boys, and girls. Second one is for married couples especially for men. Third book is for married women.

Azdawaji Khushiyan For Men Prof Arshad Javed in Urdu PDF free download

Azdawaji Khushiyan means happy marital life. For azdawaji khushiyan and satisfied marital life all people must have adequate knowledge. Unfortunately 90% people have not necessary knowledge about how to enjoy happy marital life or azdawaji khushiyan. In a survey people were asked about the exact position of Mubashrat, surprisingly no one knows the answer of this question, though they live with their spouse for years. Due to lack of knowledge most of the men can not satisfy their wives. This is the reason why some women do not pass happy marital life as well as some of them indulge in illegal activities to satisfy her. Some of the women fail to get satisfaction in whole life. All these problems are due to lack of adequate knowledge about azdawaji khushian; because most of the men do not know how to satisfy his wife.

For adequate knowledge about Azdawaji Khushiyan there are no proper books in Urdu except one or two. Though there are many books available in religious point of view in Urdu for Azdawaji Khushiyan for men and well as for women but in these books also sex related topics are not discussed.

Prof Arshad Javed says that after 20 years of serving people regarding marital problem, he thought one day, it is better to give necessary education for happy marital life. So he started seminars on sex education in Lahore and surrounding cities. In these seminars only men were participated. Prof Arshad Javed thought that it is not possible for all men from different cities of Pakistan to participate in those seminars. So he is decided to present all these knowledge in book form. So temporarily he stopped the seminars and researched and studied on this topic. All information is present in this Urdu book Azdawaji Khushiyan for men in pdf format. Prof Arshad Javed book Azdawaji Khushiyan for men can be free download in pdf format from this page too.