Sonali Cable Hindi Movie

Sonali is a talented girl from a small town of Mumbai. She runs a small business of internet cable. About 3000 families are her client. She is not well educated as well as belongs to a poor family. Her mother died when she was just a small child. Her father was a rental terrorist. He loves his daughter Sonali but told her and to other peoples a lie that Sonali’s mother ran away.

Sonali Cable Full Hindi Movie

Sonali has a small shop of internet cable system with some male worker; all are hard working and talented. They never want their cable be off for a moment. They love their works and with each other. They live like a family member.

Sonali loves a boy who is also a partner of Sonali Cable business; his share is 60% and Sonali share is 40%. His mother is a politician of that area. She also liked Sonali but don’t want to accept her as a daughter in Law. Instead she wants another girl to marry with his son.

In the meanwhile, there was a great company named Shining announced that they will also do Internet business in Mumbai. They already are doing business in many sectors and covered at least 85% of Mumbai business. Shining asked to Sonali cable to shut their business. Latter they offer to sell their business to Shining. But Sonali refuse to shut or sold their Internet Cable business.

Shining tried to close Sonali Cable Business by different illegal ways. There hired terrorist broke the Sonali Cable office and killed a worker. They also fired and make sonali’s lover and partner be injured.

With the passage of time Sonali Cable’s position became weak. All the staff joined the Shining. One of the Sonali’s workers knows how to hack some computer. Sonali with the help of him hacked and theft the sensitive data of Shining. In that data she found the proof of their illegal activities. She contacted police and put all information on internet by name of Sonali Leaks.

Due to Sonali Leaks; License of Shining was suspended and the owner arrested. Sonali Cable re established with the name of their dead worker Sada.