Kal Kissne Dekha Hindi Movie

Kal Kissne dekha is a Hindi movie. Prominent actor and actress are Jackky Bhagnani, Rishi Kapoor and Vaishali Desai. Jackky Bhagani is hero of this film and named Nihal Singh. Rishi Kapoor is a professor of physics and named Siddarth Verma. Vaishali Desai is a proud rude student of college named Meesha.

Nehal Singh belongs to a Chandigarh, very brilliant and talented and wanted to higher study from elite science institute. He applied for admission and accepted by a college in Mumbai. Nehal Singh’s mother do not like for her son to leave her. Nehal Singh reached Mumbai by train. In college they found different type of staff and students.

Kal Kissne Dekha Hindi Movie Story in Urdu

There a group of student who are very rude and proud. Meesha is one of them. She do not respect others and hurt every one, do not accept her fault and don’t sorry for her misbehavior. Initially her and her friend’s behavior was very rude with Nihal Singh too.

There is a professor of physics Siddarth Verma, who is actually a scientist. As a scientist he was rejected by his seniors and transferred to college to teach student. He found that Nihal Singh is very a talented and brilliant like him. Nihal wanted him to become his mentor. Siddarth Verma is angry with everyone and wanted to destroy every one. He joined a terrorist group and plants bomb in different places.

Nihal Singh’s inborn talent is to See Future. At one occasion during function he sees that a bomb is planted under the stage where Meesha is performing. Suddenly Nihal Singh announced about bomb and bomb disposal squad defused the bomb. In this way all students including Meesha’s life saved.

After this incidence all the student and staff as well as police department impressed with him. Meesha also impressed as well as fall in love with him.

Prof Siddarth Verma with their gang planed to destroy the city. They planted many bombs in different places. They think that their program can be flopped if police take help from Nihal Singh. So they kidnapped Meesha to confuse Nehal Singh. Nihal Singh becomes confused and police decided not to take help from him. But finally plan to destroy city by different bomb is flopped by Nihal Sing and all gang members along with Prof Siddarth Verma were killed.